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Quality web design is not just about how great the website looks, but also how well it performs. Websites  today must be responsive to the various sizes of desktop screens and mobile devices. 

Why you Should Consider Us As Your Web Designer

Having a website that looks great is one thing. Having a great looking website that actually performs for you is another. 

The approach we take about websites is a simple one. A website is a combination of tools. It can be your number one lead generation tool, your top performing sales person, the ultimate marketing brochure. It can be one of these things, it can be all three at the same time. 

A website should not be just a place that people happen to find by accident, but a portal that gets in front of people without difficulty, that tells them why they should do business with you, and gets them to take action.

As a digital marketing company with many years of experience and success marketing online, we know exactly the best way for a website to be designed and structured, through its architecture and navigation, to make it not only ‘Google friendly’ but actually perform well for you in the search results.

You want a website that is responsive to the device a potential client is using to look at your site. you want a website that ranks high in the search engines through quality on-site SEO and structure. And you want a website that has visitors engaging with it.

Website design is so much more than just making it look good. Correct web design is about getting your site to perform to its maximum potential, and here at NTA Digital, we know how to do that.

Our Website Design Process

Our 5 step SEO process ensures that your business gets the most out of our services.

The first step in successfully designing and building your new website, is for us to understand exactly what it is you want to achieve with it. We do this through our web design discovery questionnaire. It is quite detailed, and for a reason, because the more information you give us concerning your online goals etc, the faster we can produce for you the website to achieve those goals.

Once we have learnt your goals, keywords, and target market, for your website, we will then present a detailed proposal of the work we would carry out for you. This will include:

  • Design Creatives
  • Website Architecture & Navigation
  • Content creation and structure
  • Time Frame & Costs:

Once you are happy we have understood your goals and you are with with the design and structure (up to a maximum of 3 redesigns) we start work. This involves :

  • Building the website on our development site. You will be given a link to this site, so you can see progress at all times, and we can discuss with you an changes along the way, that you can see made.
As we design and buld your website, we will also carry out on-site optimization. As we said earlier, having a website that looks great is one thing. Having a great looking website that actually performs for you is another.The on-site SEO we do on your new site will ensure that once it goes live, Google, and other search engines, will index your site and get it performing for you (additional off site SEO will also be required depending on what you want to achieve). The onsite seo we do will be to simply structure the following correctly:
  • URL structure.
  • Title Tags.
  • Header Tags.
  • Meta Descriptions.
  • Keywords in content

Once the site has been completed and is ready to go live, we will carry out a full test on all devices to ensure your site works as it should. Once that has been completed, we will then either port it to your web hosting, or provide web hosting for you at a very reasonable and affordable price.

We also provide additional monitoring and maintenance of your site once it goes live, if you so wish.

Additional Services We Provide Under Web Design

There are a number of additional services we offer as part of our web designs service. These can be taken at the time we design and build your website, or they can be added afterwards, if you wish to add them later. 

Monthly SEO

SEO is an ongoing process and with our monthly service, we work on increasing rankings and traffic, which in turn increases your ROI. The speed in which results are obtained is determined by your monthly budget and the competitive nature of the keywords you want to rank for.

Local SEO

Local SEO helps build your brand on a local level as over 80% of people search online for local businesses compared to other methods. If you are a business that operates within your local community, be it town, city or county/state, then you want to have local seo carried out.

Web Hosting

We can provide web hosting for your website, and include in that, a number of key features, such as multiple emails, free SSL certification, guaranteed uptime - leading to actual results of over 99.99%, servers in three international locations for international hosting.

Lead Generation Sites

If you are launching a new product or service, you may want to promote it through a specific lead generation function. We can design and create a variety of lead generation methods or pages on your website to generate enquiries and get your phone ringing.

Landing Pages

We can create stand alone landing pages, or incorporate them into the website we have built, if you want to do specific paid advertising through Google ads or Facebook, capture leads or book appointments for consultations, or create a sales or marketing funnel for client engagement.

Website Audit

Our website audit is a detailed analysis of your current website structure, architecture, and navigation. We will provide you with an in-depth analysis of your site, showing you exactly what work needs to be carried out, for better overall performance, that you can give to your current web developer.

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