Video Marketing

YouTube Marketing

Videos and in particular video marketing is a highly underutilised tool within the building of a business’s brand. It is something that gets overlooked, yet the creation of the videos and their marketing does not have to be expensive.

There are many different ways in which video gets used to promote a business, product or service. From information videos to instructional videos, you can quickly build your business brand through video marketing.

There are two aspects to our offering. The first is video production and the second is, of course, promotion.

Video Production

We offer two types of video production. We can produce for you a simple slide based information video with or without voiceover. Or if you want a high-quality promotional video promoting your business, product or service, based on location, we can do that too.

Video Promotion

Having a video produced is the first step, you then need to promote it. The two best places for video promotion are YouTube and Facebook (See statistics below for evidence of this fact).

As part of our service, we will set up and optimise your YouTube channel and upload and optimise your video(s) on to your channel to assist in getting your videos ranking within the YouTube search (YouTube is the worlds second largest search engine behind Google).
On Facebook, we will upload your video to your business page, optimise it and promote to your fans, as well as organise a paid advertising campaign to promote your video to your preferred target audience.

Our Video Marketing Service

Channel Setup

Whether you already have a channel or not, we will set it up and functioning in such a way that it promotes your brand and makes your videos stand out over your competition.


Advertising covers both showing ads on your videos to generate additional revenue, but also creating adverts about your product or business that will promote you across the network.


We will optimise your videos on YouTube that leads to you getting more subscribers, increased views and better conversions through proper channel setup and marketing funnels.

Tracking & Analytics

We will  track and analyse data accurately that enables us to provide extensive reporting every month and make necessary adjustments  to your videos to increase aweareness.

YouTube Marketing Case Study

mark lauren video marketing case study

Mark Lauren is an international bestselling fitness author who has prepared over 700 trainees for the extreme demands of the most elite levels of the U.S. Special Operations Community. He is also one of the leading experts in Bodyweight training.

Over a 6 month period we were hired to improve the overall performance of Mark’s YouTube channel. Below are the results obtained.


Percent increase in subscribers (from 567 to 1405)


Percent increase in views (from 104,319 to 154,453)


Percent increase in video shares (from 981 to 1824)


Percent increase in advertising revenue