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So what makes us the right SEO company to handle the search engine optimization of your Tulsa business? Well, we have been doing internet marketing since 1998! And in that time we’ve worked on some rather big websites around the world for some pretty big companies. We’ve provided local SEO for local businesses too. We focus on two things that really count when it comes to search results and search engine ranking. One is organic free targeted traffic from Google in the Tulsa area. This is because a staggering 93% of visitors to a website come from the natural search engine results! And the other is getting your Tulsa site high in the search rankings so that you get that Tulsa traffic.

Here’s the great part for you

We’ve got hundreds of websites where we run all sorts of search engine marketing tests, trying to do what we can to break them in Google. We carry out in excess of 120 man-hours a month in research and testing, to make sure we know what Google, and the other search engines, are looking for with regards to quality search engine performance. This doesn’t mean we are SEO experts but it does enable us to be an effective marketing agency that not only provides Industry Best Practices but also be ahead of the game in knowing how Google’s algorithm actually ranks pages.


This is why we are a good fit for your Tulsa based business! We eat, sleep, drink, and breathe SEO, and this means that we have data that, probably our competition doesn’t have, that enables us to do a safe and powerful job, making us a good internet marketing agency that can help firms like yours perform better online.

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How Your Local Website Is Performing?

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Our report will be full and in-depth, showing you exactly what you need to do to get your site ranking higher within search engines. 

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Our SEO Services Process

Wide Aspect Of Our Tulsa SEO Services

We provide an extensive process that enables us to generate a purpose-built SEO plan to accomplish success for your website within the Tulsa area. Each aspect plays a vital role in ensuring you gain from our efforts

The first step in successfully growing your Tulsa business online is for us to understand exactly what it is you want to achieve. We do this through the online discovery form that enables you to provide us with information concerning your business information & online goals. Potential target keyword phrases you want to go after. The target market and ideal customer you are looking for.Who your main competitors are. And a few other questions. This forms your online marketing plan

Knowing what terms, phrases, and questions people are using to find Tulsa businesses and services like yours, is vital for your online success. We use a wide variety of tools and data to carry out keyword analysis to search out the very best terms and phrases for your niche and business in Tulsa, that will go towards creating the right content that will bring you an increased volume of customers

Google craves content. They want to present to their customers who are searching in Tulsa, the authorities, and experts within the niche. And the way to prove to Google you are an authority and expert is through content marketing, the creation of quality content. We will work with you to create the right content marketing plan in line with the search terms being used, so you get to capture the right people searching online.

Effective and successful improvement within the Tulsa SEO search results starts with on-site optimization. Getting this set up correctly has a massive effect on the way your website performs within the search engines, due to user experience. We do not change the actual content on your site (unless discussed with you beforehand through a content marketing strategy), we simply structure the key elements of each page that define what the content is about. We make sure the right amount of keywords and phrases are in the content, and also add the relevant Schema Markup to important pages, which plays an important part in your online success.

Getting links from other websites to yours (backlinks) is as important today as it has ever been. What has changed over the years is quality has become more important. Google wants to see authoritative and niche relevant sites linking back to you, from high-quality content. And the more competitive your niche, the higher the quality is needed, along with plenty of it. Our team undertakes an extensive strategy of researching the very best sites to reach out to, where we then build good relationships with them that have them want to content with your site, thereby sharing with you their authority and expertise, which in turn helps your website increase favorably in the rankings.

SEO is marketing and the best and only way to monitor the results from online marketing is through effective analysis and reporting. We track all the standard interactions on your website, from pages viewed, time on site, to what town or city your visitor was from. We can also track more in-depth page interactions. Whether it is tracking phone calls received, forms filled out on your site, files downloaded, or video's watched, or which services a person. Whatever it is you want to analyze and track, as SEO professionals we will implement the reporting of those activities so you know what people are looking at, what information they want, so you have the right metrics to plan future marketing.

Why you Should Consider Us For Your SEO Services

To have your website listed high within the SERP and generating more visitors for your site, you need a search engine optimization company that provides both professional and quality work for their SEO clients. That is what you will only ever get from us.


The work that is carried out by our SEO agency provides you with the best fundamentals to get your website positioned high.


SEO is a long-term marketing project and requires a strong working relationship between us and your business. Once you are happy with what work needs to be done, the project work will start and you will be kept informed on a monthly basis.


It is important to state that you will be given an estimated time frame in which marketing improvements can be expected, as Google is regularly updating their core algorithm, and therefore the gains that clients have obtained yesterday, is not a guarantee the same time frame, etc will be obtained tomorrow.

We Follow Industry Standard Best Practices.

That means we only do what Google, the number one search engine, wants to see in healthy and effective optimization both on page and off it. We do not outsource our services, we manage everything in-house, and we certainly do not carry out any practices that will in any way damage your site or page. Everything we do is transparent and open for questioning, we keep nothing from you.

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People Are Searching

86% of people search online for a local business in Tulsa, and 93% of all searches start with Google. You need your website to be found with the right services.

Open 24/7

A website can work around the clock 24/7, even when you are not. That makes it potentially the best Marketing tool within your business if it is optimized well and ranks high.

Target Customers

Proper search engine optimization allows you to get any website page in front of targeted customers. Which Increases your inquiries and profitability.

Builds Awareness

SEO is the fastest marketing strategy to build awareness of your brand and your offering. You not only want your site to be found in the Tulsa search queries, but you want people to keep finding you and coming back.
Is Search Engine Optimization Worth It?

What To Consider When
Working Out The Cost & Value

There are a number of key factors when it comes to thinking about what you want to invest in SEO and online marketing and cost implications. Here is what you need to consider

Where does your website currently stand in comparison to your competition?
Are you looking to compete against bigger firms?
Will you be offering services your competition doesn't
What is the size of your target market? Is it small, exclusive, regional, or larger?
What is the value of a new customer/client to you, and what would be the budget to acquire more?

The final thing you will want to consider is how you view your business. If you believe that what you offer is the best in the marketplace then you will want the best SEO company to help you be seen as the best.

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How Do You Hire The Best SEO Company in Tulsa- What Do You Do Next?

First things first, and this is the most important part. We are not a Tulsa search engine optimization company hoping to sign up every business in your niche. Once we start working with a local business in a specific niche, whether it’s roofing, plumbing, chiropractors, lawyers, whatever the field, we NEVER work with another company in your geographical area! Our SEO services and online marketing activities are so effective that we will only work with one company per niche, per location, because we see ourselves as your SEO experts. So we are looking to partner with the right Tulsa business – Tulsa companies who have high integrity and love serving their clients/customers. We want to work with a Tulsa company that has a strong desire for predictable growth and wants to be the dominant brand in their local market. A company that is looking to hire a marketing firm because they know marketing works but is also is long term. Is that you? If you want to give your business a competitive advantage with the right marketing, grow your business, outperform your competition, reach your target audience, and take control of the client prospects you generate, then fill out the contact form below and speak to us today.

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