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Does your business operate solely online, or do you have a physical business as well? If you own a brick and mortar business, you might still seriously be in doubt as to how your online presence and SEO can prove to be beneficial. Even online business owners neglect optimizing their site at times and look towards instant gratification through other forms of marketing. Yes, search engine optimization has everything to do with marketing your business. Let’s talk about how SEO can help your business.

Using SEO To Help Your Business

SEO and the research that goes into it helps you actually get to know your customers. By carrying out in-depth research on the terms being used by your potential site visitors, you get to discover not only what they use to find sites like yours, but also what is important to them. This enables you to structure the content on your website and tailor campaigns and promotions around their search queries.This doesn’t just enable to be adding more content, but makes your website relevant to them and the search engines as a provider of meeting the search needs of potential traffic.

Lets look at a few examples:

We will use the example of a landscape gardening company who offer tree surgery. Now as you can see from Google’s own keyword planning tool, the term tree surgery in the UK gets over 22,000 searches a month. This may seem appealing to a landscape company, but unless they are already on page one, it will take time to break into a competitive niche. However, people who search for tree surgeons do so because they have a problem they want to solve. They want to prune or cut down branches or some trees in their garden. So instead they may search for an answer to their problem, by using the term; how to prune trees. We see from the Google keyword tool, that term gets a lot less searches each month, but it will be a lot easier to rank for it.

tree surgery search results example for business seo





Now, one of the mistakes businesses make is they focus too much on the monthly search volume, and not on the time frame it will take to rank for that term. Would it not be better to get a percentage of the 320 searches a month, virtually right away, rather than get none of the 22,000 searches a month, because it’s taking time to get on page one?

Let’s now look at a very competitive niche, such as financial services,and in particular mortgages.

Again, thinking about going after the big terms could be very time consuming and costly in the amount of money you will have to spend to get to page one. If our mortgage company wanted to go after the term ‘Mortgage brokers’ we can see that again, it has high search volume. But by comparison to a more specific term, such as ‘mortgages for over 50s’ it is also very competitive. We can see that by the difference in cost per click on Adwords. People are prepared to pay £14.25 per click compared to just £2.75

mortgage keyword analysis for effective seo






When it comes to optimising your website and gaining more traffic, keyword research is always the starting point. Here are some tips to help you carry out effective keyword research to know exactly what your potential clients are looking for.

  1. Go specific – don’t just focus on top level terms like mortgage broker if you are one, or weight loss if you are a gym, but go deeper. What problems can your product or service fix? What questions can you product or service answer?
  2. Don’t focus on search volume but ease of ranking. We know that the longer the search string the easier is it to rank, the vast majority of the time. What do we mean? The term Mortgage in the UK gets 74,000 searches a month, the term Mortgage Broker, gets 18,000. Ranking for a one word string compared to a two word string is very hard. But going after terms like mortgages for over 50’s or mortgages for people who have retired at 50, is a lot easier and faster to rank, because it is very specific, the long search string answers a specific question compared to the term ‘Mortgage’

Wth a simple concept of effective keyword research, you can help facilitate a better user experience for the consumers that visit your website, because you are generating content and information that they are looking for. That user experience is tied hand in hand to how your site is indexed with the search engines and its ranking performance. If you are a small business owner, effective keyword research is vital to ensure that locals are finding you online via searches? Do you know how much traffic local businesses are getting that make local SEO a priority? People everywhere are performing quick searches for local businesses and then making both offline and online contacts. Take the time to do the research into what people are using to find sites like yours, we guarantee you will be glad that you did.

Here is a list of tools that you can use to find out what people are using to find your service

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