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Welcome to our page for Kent local SEO. Are you are a business based in the Garden of England, who wants to be the first business people find in the local search results? Maybe you want to dominate on a more broader scale? Then you have come to the right place. We’ve been ranking websites for our clients on page 1 of Google since 2008. We’ve seen the changes that Google have made, and we know what is needed to power companies to the top of the results.  Our work generates quality organic traffic, people who are looking for businesses like yours, by placing your business in the one place that matters, page 1 of the search results. That is search engine optimisation.   We believe the only way to gauge success is through results. You can check out our results here – through a selection of case studies, and see first hand that we produce what matters – more business for you.local seo services We are continually testing and developing our search engine services. We have more than 500 different websites that we carry out testing on so that we know what Google is looking for and require to rank well. So when Google carries out an algorithm update, we know what they are looking for. This means we know first hand exactly what actions are safe, which jobs we can do that are powerful and will rank your website. We get the result that matters – Page 1. First time all the time If you want to move your business SEO up a gear, do not delay anymore, speak with us now.

Quality Local SEO Company

The fact that you are on this page tells you something, doesn’t it? You have found this page through us carrying out SEO on our site. So we are obviously a quality local search engine expert who knows what they are doing. Quality is all that we produce. That means quality results that generates a quality return on investment (ROI). The work we provide is not short term, its all done with a long term mindset. The work we produce is of the quality that ensures your site has the safest and best optimisation carried out on it, that it keeps producing results for you, long after you stop paying us.  We will never guarantee position 1within Google, no one should. But, that’s doesn’t mean we won’t get it for you. It all depends on the competitive nature of your term; the strength of your competitor’s websites compared to yours; your budget, and several other factors. But we will guarantee page one, an increase in quality traffic, all within our time estimates, that match your online goals. 

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Yes, I want the Best Quality SEO in Kent – What Happens Next?

The very first thing we do when we take on a new client, is we want to know about your goals, and what you want to achieve online. We will spend some time talking with you to discover what you know about SEO, what you want to achieve online, and so on. Once we have done that we get to work with our three-prong approach.

1. We carry out our review

We do a full in depth review of your current rankings and position within the search engines. We provide you with our strategy proposal of what we believe needs to be done, how we will carry it out, and the proposed time frame we feel we will get you your results. 

2. Powerful On-site Search Engine Optimisation  

We analyse your site and make the relevant adjustments and corrections needed. This includes changes to the metadata within the site so that it begins to improve in its performance. We will also look at the way the pages on your site are linked together. Because when done correctly, your website will power its self up over time to rank for a multitude of terms, gaining you more visitors over time.  

3. Off-site SEO

Quality Work That Creates Search Engine Domination – This is where our work starts getting significant results. Our arsenal of powerful backlinking work brings in measurable ranking results. We build your brand online, creating awareness of your business across a multitude of powerful and essential sites. 

Local SEO Services | What Will Do For You

  • Detailed Website Analysis  – How your site is currently performing compared to your competitors
  • Backlink Analysis – We analyse any current backlinks to your site to make sure they are not causing any damage. We will do all we can to get rid of those links that are damaging your site
  • Improve website structure 
  • Update website code and ensure all pages are indexed
  • Run browser tests, penalty checks, and improve page load time for optimum site function
  • Ongoing keyword research to ensure we are targeting your ideal customers, for maximum conversion
  • Create powerful quality backlinks for ranking results, that Google love
  • Update, edit and add your site to relevant local listings
  • Analyse traffic to your website for increased performance
  • Carryout XML sitemap updates, website page errors, and website resubmissions
  • and much more

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