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We Are quality providers of SEO in Kent. – So what makes us quality providers? Well one of us has been doing internet marketing since way back before Google was even a thought to Serg & Larry, ever since 1998! And in that time we’ve worked on some rather big websites around the world for some pretty big companies. We’ve provided local SEO for local business too. We focus what counts,  which is organic free targeted traffic from Google. This is because a staggering 93% of visitors to a website come from the natural search engine results!

We’are located in Kent,  and we have helped businesses rank at the top for their city or niche, according to Google.

How do we guarantee quality seo services? We’ve got hundreds of websites where we run all sorts of tests on, trying to do what we can to break them in Google. We carry out in excess of 120 hours a month in research and testing, to make sure we know what Google, and the other search engines, are looking for with regards quality search engine results. This enables us to not only provide Industry Best Practices, but also be be ahead of the game in knowing how Googles results algorithm actually ranks pages.

This is why we are able to provide quality results! We eat, sleep, drink, and breath SEO, and this means that we have data that, probably our competition doesn’t have, that enables us to do a safe and powerful job for you. 

There is a lot of misleading info out there concerning SEO, and that is why we let our work do the talking. We are all about results. It is the only way to gauge success. We are sure that when it comes to your website performing well within the Google rankings, you want to get more qualified visitors and an increase in quality business. That’s why you should speak to us…

Best Local SEO Company Practices

When it comes to doing search engine optimisation properly, every good company will have the best practices in place, and we are no different. This is what we will do when you hire us to do your SEO.


For a website to perform and rank well, it has to be set up correctly. The architecture and structure of your website determines whether it stands or falls to Google's inspection. Get this right and it will perform perfectly.

On Page Optimisation

The search engines what to see certain information on a page and in the meta details, that tell them what your page is about and why they should rank it. So many people get this wrong, but we know what is needed!

Off Page Optimisation

Building links is still the #1 method of ranking websites. It used to be all about quantity, now its all about quality and relevancy. Cheap seo gets you links from rubbish sites that have no value, no power. We do the opposite!

Maybe You Are Thinking ‘

Do I Need To Improve The Search Rankings For My Site?’

Well let us ask you two questions. Do you want more quality visitors to your site that turns into proper leads and then more revenue for your business? Or are you happy with not growing your business any further, your happy to stay as you are?

If you are thinking about the first question, then you need us working on your website, and getting you found in the local search results here in Kent, for the niche you operate in. When you consider these stats below, you can’t ignore the power of local seo: (Source)

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of consumers who did a local search visited a store within five miles.
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of consumers who did a local search visited a store within five miles.
0 %
of mobile searches result in a visit to the business within one day
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of mobile searchers contact a local business if they have a mobile friendly site

SEO Kent Services - What You Receive

We offer a lot of things when it comes to doing seo for you.  Let’s tell you exactly what we do .

  • We take a look at the existing rankings of your site and see what we need to do get power to it.
  • We scrutinise your  competition to see what they’re doing and what we need to do to overtake them in the search results.
  • Carry out any internal repair and restructuring that your website may need to ensure it is compliant with any major Google updates
  • Make any required changes to the code of individual pages so they are indexing within the search results properly (being seen by the search engines).
  • Carry out testing on various browsers, checks to see if there are any penalties in place, and perform load speed tests to get your site running at the fastest level possible.
  • Ensure your website security (https) is up to date so your website is fully protected. 
  • Optimise your individual pages for relevant keywords that contain buyer intent, and generate maximum traffic for highest ROI
  • Create powerful, quality, and relevant links that point to your website. These will be for the terms and phrases people are using to find businesses like yours, so you dominate them.
  • Check to see how well your business is seen online, improve, update or edit your various listings, plus we add a lot more to build brand awareness everywhere.
  • Ensure your site is mobile friendly so it shows up in mobile search results.
  • Track and monitor traffic that comes to your pages.
  • Become administrators of  your Google Search Console so we can make the relevant updates Google suggests. 
  • Manage your Google My Business listing with regular post submissions and updates.
  • Help you improve the content on your site for better customer conversions
  • Create additional content where needed, such as blog posts, articles for authority sites that make you stand out as the guru – These help increase not only the rankings with the search engines, but also help you be seen as the pre-eminent company in your field.
  • Monitor website interactions, phone calls and any conversions. This helps us to know which parts of your site are performing better than others.
  • Finally, we will send you a monthly report showing you the results of our work, allowing you to can see what we are doing to get your business listed high within Page 1 of the search results, and generate more business for you.

Right Then - I Like What I've Seen - How Do I Hire The Best Kent SEO Company- What Do I Do?

First things first, and this is the most important part. We are not a search engine optimisation company hoping to sign up every company in your niche. Once we start working with a company in a specific niche, whether its roofing, plumbing, chiropractors, lawyers, whatever the field, we NEVER work with the competition!

Our seo services are so effective that we will only work with one company per niche, because we see ourselves as your seo department. So we are looking to partner with the right companies – companies who have high integrity and love serving their clients/customers. We work with businesses who have a strong desire for predictable growth and want to be the dominant brand in their local market.

Is that you?

If you want to give yourself a competitive advantage, grow your business and take control of the client prospects you generate, then speak to us today

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What Will SEO Cost Me?

So you may be thinking, ‘I’m interested in having my business gain better rankings and ultimately more leads and enquiries, but what is this all going to cost?’

The answer to that is simple, that is up to you!

SEO is not a product that you buy off the shelf. Because the work involved is not the same for everyone, and not everyone wants the same work.

You may be a small local business who wants to build brand awareness on line, not looking for anything too in-depth. You may be a company launching a new service or product and need mass exposure. You may be in a niche that is highly competitive and need a lot of power to beat the competition.

Buying SEO is like buying a car. What do you want the car for? Large family use? Compact for town? Off road? Speed, style, and elegance? If you are looking for a car that will perform like a Ferrari, you are not going to buy a Mini van.

SEO is an investment that returns more than you paid for it, so the cost over time is actually nothing!

Check out our SEO Packages page for more information on pricing.

What To Consider When Working Out The Cost & Value

There are a number of key factors when it comes to thinking about what you want to invest in SEO and the cost implications. Here is what you need to consider:

  • Where does your website currently stand in comparison to your competition?
  • Are you looking to compete against bigger companies?
  • What is the size of your target market? Is it small, exclusive, regional, or larger?
  • What is the value of a new customer/client to you, and what would be the budget to acquire more?

The final thing you will want to consider is how you view your business. If you believe that what you offer is the best in the marketplace then you will want the best SEO company to help you be seen as the best.

We care about your success, that’s what makes us geeks, the harder we work on your seo, the better the results you get, and the more we geek out – and that will makes us all very happy. 

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