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SEO Insights

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Search engine optimization has been a part of my life for over 20 years. I started learning about SEO way before Google existed, back in the days when the main search engines were Excite and Lycos. I became intrigued about how websites operated within the search results, how to get your website found in the search results, what made it ‘rank’? Oh, how things have changed dramatically since 1997. Not just the advent of Google and the demise of Excite et al. but the way you present your website to the search engines and get it to rank. In fact, not only has things changed dramatically over 20 years, they keep changing regularly.

But you know what has not changed? The way SEO is explained by those who claim to be in the know. And how businesses in need of SEO, perceive it.

When it comes to discussing search engine optimization with clients, most typically than not, we hear one of three things.

  1. What the heck is SEO?
  2. “Oh SEO, that’s one of those dark arts carried out on the internet.”
  3. Yeah, we had SEO in the past, and we had no idea what they were doing, and we didn’t see any benefit.

Let me quickly answer those statements.

  1. SEO or search engine optimization is about getting your website set up and operating the way Google loves so that your site gets found in the search results by people looking for businesses like yours.
  2.  Well, the reality is, SEO is not a dark art, it’s just not understood very well. And the reason for that is it is still relatively new. After all, most SEO companies have not been around longer than 5-10 years, so people are still getting to hear about it. But also, because SEO is still young, the terminology used can come across as as ‘alien’ or ‘geekish’. A lack of understanding of SEO terminology makes understanding what SEO is as difficult.
  3. Sadly, like any industry, especially developing ones like SEO, you will always get people who try to make a fast buck. They read a few books, get a basic understanding and present themselves as the fount of all SEO knowledge, duping people with terminology that sounds great and convincing. Still, when it comes down to it, they do not know what to do. So they take your money, throw a few links at your site, and hope for the best. 

On our About Us page, we mention our four values: Trust; Truthfulness; Ethics; and Quality. And so in the spirit of our values, I have decided to start a series called SEO Insights, that explains in simple ‘non-alien or geeky’ language all the key points and information you would want to know when it comes to SEO. I am going to outline the key factors and insights you need to know, to understand the workings of SEO. Although I won’t give way everything we do, you will never the less get enough of an understanding to do SEO yourself, effectively, if you so wish. 

So keep a lookout for the first post coming in the next few days. 

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