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SEO Consultancy

The dictionary definition of ‘consultant’ is a person who provides advice professionally. As an SEO agency, companies, in general, hire us to carry out the necessary work to improve their rankings. Whether it is on a local or national basis, the work we do continues month by month over a long period. But there are occasions when businesses want advice or guidance on how to tackle individual SEO work, such as advising on the best way to structure their new website. Or maybe a company doesn’t want ongoing SEO work, just the on-site factors of SEO carried out. In addition to advising in areas of SEO, we can carry out any elements of our work on an individual basis as well.

One area of SEO consultancy that we also offer is long term consultancy. Our CEO, Nathan Tarrant, has been hired on numerous occasions by digital agencies to create strategies for developing their SEO department, along with advice on the best methodologies for growing the business.

Whatever your need, be it one-off hourly jobs or advice, or ongoing monthly consultancy to develop and grow your SEO department, our SEO consultancy service has it covered for you.

SEO Training

SEO is one of the fastest-growing niches, not just within digital marketing, but in commerce in general. And because it is such a fast-growing industry, it changes fast as well.
The way we do search engine optimization today is not only massively different from the way we did it back in 1998, but it is different now (2020) from 18 months ago. Google is continually updating and evolving their ranking algorithm, to provide better user experience, and to stop ranking manipulation and spam websites. So what worked then, doesn’t necessarily work now.

If you have your own in-house digital marketing department, and SEO is something you want to grasp, it’s no good reading outdated books or blogs. It would help if you knew the latest, active and working strategies for now – today. And that is where our SEO training comes in.

Depending on your location, the size of your team you want to train, and their knowledge base, we offer training from half-day to a full working week. Speak to us today to discuss further, if consultancy or training is something your business needs.

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