Over 95% of your first time visitors to your website don’t fill out a form, make a phone call, or purchase an item that you sell.

That’s why it’s absolutely critical to your profitability that you run remarketing campaigns

Why you Should Consider Remarketing 

Remarketing, or retargeting as it is often referred to as, is a simple concept of marketing to people who have been to your website, but they either didn’t buy from you or make contact with you. In other words, they left your site without any interaction.

How Does Remarketing Work?

When a person visits your website, a pixel (commonly known as a cookie) is placed on their device and an ‘audience list’ is then built by the advertiser to target them with your pre-created advert. So if a person lands on one of your pages promoting a particular service and they leave your website from that page, they are targeted on other sites they visit that allow advertising, with the advert you created concerning that particular service.

Why Should You Carry Out Remarketing?

Statistics state that over 95% of visitors to a website leave without buying. This statistic means that a significant portion of the visits you get to your site, never interact with you. In addition to that, remarketing has been proven to be more cost-effective by targeting those who are interested in your product, than traditional advertising, as it generates a click-through & conversion rate of 3-5%.

That makes remarketing a higher ROI than other advertising methods such as PPC advertising, which has an average click-through rate of 1.91% and an average conversion rate of 2.7%.

Components Of Our Remarketing Work

There are a number of key components that we carry out as part of our Local SEO work, all designed and delivered to improve your business’ local search engine optimization and online visibility.

Setting up your remarketing campaign, starts with deciding what it is you want to achieve in reaching out to those visitors who left your site without interaction

Drive Online Sales:

If you are looking to increase sales of products online by remarketing specific products or services, this is the campaign to go for.

Building Leads

Ideal If you are looking to generate leads for a product launch through the filling out of a contact or enquiry form.

Next we set up your campaign to be delivered in one of three ways.

Your Ads on Websites

Show your ads on news sites, article sites, and blogs, along with other sites your visitors go to.

Social Ads

Have your adverts appear on Facebook, Instagram, and the Facebook Audience Network

Triggered Emails

Intelligently email customers based on their activity on your site.



We personalise each campaign run, to target your specific audience, dependent on page and action visits. We also structure your campaign as such:

Monthly Budget

Whatever your daily/monthly budget, it is totally total automated and stays consistent. but how much of this is allocated between inventories can shift automatically to maximise sales.

Campaign Schedule

We can set your campaign to start immediately or to begin at a certain date in the future, and run for whatever time frame you choose.

Set Optimisation Strategy

We can track the cost per click or the cost per impression, whatever you want to monitor.

Ad Message

We will work with you to come up with the message you want to send out through your remarketing campaign, be it offer promotion, or general brand building

Ad Design

Once we know your message, we will design the different sizes of adverts that will promote your business.


Whether you run one campaign or multiple campaigns, we will provide a break down of how your campaigns performed, by reporting clicks, impressions, click through rate, conversions and ad spend per campaign.

Ad Group Reporting

We will provide data for each ad group within your campaigns as mentioned above.

Advert reporting

As each ad is different in size and can carry a different message, we will provide data on how each individual ad performs, so you can see which message performs the best.