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When it comes to discussing search engine optimization (SEO) with clients, most typically than not, we hear “Oh SEO, that’s one of those dark arts carried out on the internet.” Well, the reality is, SEO is not a dark art, it’s just not understood very well. And the reason for that is due to 3 main reasons.

1: Search Engine Optimization is still relatively new. After all, most SEO companies have not been around longer than 5-10 years, so people are still getting to hear about it.

2: Because SEO is still young, the terminology used can come across as as ‘alien’ or ‘geekish’. A lack of understanding of SEO terminology makes understanding what SEO is as difficult.

3:Because the terminology comes across as another language, people within the industry love to provide that edge of mystery to what they do, making them seem more intelligent than they are. It’s like – we know something you don’t; therefore, we are important than those who don’t know what SEO is. But there is something worse than that. Something we have witnessed with consultants, advisors, whatever phrase you want to use to describe people who do SEO. They use the lack of knowledge and insight on the part of the client, as a means to pull the ‘wool over the clients’ eyes’ and mislead their clients. Or worse still, rip them off with shoddy quality work.

On our About Us page, we mention our four values: Trust; Truthfulness; Ethics; and Quality. And so in the spirit of our values, we have created this SEO Knowledge Base, that explains in simple ‘non-alien or geeky’ language all the key points and information you would want to know when it comes to SEO. We hope what you find on this page, helps you to understand SEO more, and the importance of it for your business.

SEO Knowledge Base Videos

We are currently in the process of putting together the first load of videos. They should be on this page mid April 2020