Facebook Advertising

Facebook Advertising

Facebook Marketing

When it comes to advertising on Facebook, the potential market that is available to you is massive, especially if it is done correctly. Through the various targeting options, Facebook enables you to reach your new potential clients through a series of specific criteria, such as: a persons interests, their location, demographics; the things they like, and what they get up to. You also have the ability to produce your advertisement in different formats such as the normal image format, right through to submitting videos that promote your business/offer.

Whatever your objective, whether to grow your Facebook page likes, increase brand awareness, drive traffic to your website, or promote specific offers, you can target specifically those whom you want to get your business in front of.

You can also target those who have been to your website and haven’t engaged with you yet.  Maybe they started an order or a sign up but didn’t finish it. You can reach them with a specific advert to get them to come back to your site through using the Facebook pixel correctly.

And if you already have an email list of past clients who you want to reach out to, then creating custom audiences to target is the option we will take.

Our Service

Plan Your Campaign

Through in-depth research and discussion on your marketing objectives, we will construct campaigns that will achieve your end goals and maximise return on investment.


Split testing your adverts through different creatives, audiences and ad placements is the best way of ensuring quality results and increasing your return on investment

Targeted Audience

We can use existing data, traffic from your website, or generate an audience through the variety of tools Facebook provides, to construct a relevant & targeted audience to market to.

Tracking & Analytics

By implementing the Facebook pixel on your site, we will  track and analyse data accurately that enables us to provide extensive reporting every month and make neccessary adjustments.

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