Simms International

Performance Overview

Simms International plc is a privately-owned, specialist distributor of world-class memory and storage solutions to hardware and infrastructure providers, value-added resellers and online retailers. We have been doing their SEO for a number of years now, and in that time they have seen their traffic increase year on year.

The stats to the side show their growth in the last six months compared to the previous 6 months (July-Dec 2018 compared to Jan-Jun 18). However, For 2017 compared to 2016 they saw the following results:

  • 69.33% increase in users
  • 68.61% increase in sessions
  • 71.18% increase in page views

We provide both an ongoing monthly seo service and seo consultancy advising Simms on developments and strategies

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40.28% Increase in users

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40.36% Increase in new users

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22.10% Increase in page views

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34.88% Increase in Sessions

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