Mark Lauren

Performance Overview

Mark Lauren 

Mark Lauren is a former trainer of US Special Forces operatives and was revolutionary in developing and improving the US army’s training regimes.Mark is now an international best seller in fitness and training, and the creator of the You Are Your Own Gym fitness programme, and a leading figure in Bodyweight training.

Mark came to us in April 2018 looking for us to spend 6 months on developing and improving his web presence in the US and in Europe, and brand awareness through social media interaction. We built Mark a brand new website that enabled him to promote and sell his monthly online training program and carried out our monthly seo services on this website to increase rankings and traffic.


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116.59% Increase in traffic

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123.17% increase in page views

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26.3% Decrease in bounce rate

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148% Increase in YouTube Subscribers

Organic Search Results

When we started SEO Mark Lauren wasn't ranking for many keywords except his own name. After 6 months Mark was number 1 for over 65 different fitness and training terms. But not only was he number one, as you can see in the screenshot, we got him dominating a key term ahead of 648 million other results with his videos and web pages. And we did that with other terms too.

  • Increased position 1 from 5 terms to 67 terms in less than 6 months
  • page one dominance with website and videos
  • Increase in traffic from 5000 a month to over 11500 a month

International Ranking

Mark wanted to rank high within the German market as his books had always sold well there. We built his new website to be multilingual to reach the German market as well as the US. He wanted to rank for the main keyword fit ohne geräte app to promote his training and fitness app. We got him the number 1 spot.

  • Multilingual website ranking
  • Brand Building in foreign market
  • US Site ranked 1st in foreign country

YouTube Marketing

We completely overhauled Mark's YouTube channel, through restructuring and correctly optimising his videos to the new standards set by YouTube. Through making the relevant alterations, Mark saw his interactions and rankings on YouTube increase dramatically, with his videos now appearing in Google search results as well.

  • 148% increase in subscribers
  • 48% increase in video views
  • 86% increase in video shares
  • 300% increase in advertising revenue