Performance Overview

Clarke Energy Fund Management (CEFM)
CEFM are a Managing General Partner who creates and administers Limited Partnerships within the oil and gas industries for investment opportunities. The provide an exclusive niche investment opportunity for Accredited Investors, Venture Capitalists, Institutional Investors, Family Offices and other qualified entities. They came to us in August 2018 looking to have a new and improved web presence. A website was built for them and at the end of September 18 we began carrying out SEO on their site to get it ranking for the clients specific keywords relating to investing in the oil and gas industries.

The purpose of the website was to generate leads, and in the first four months that the site was up and optimised, the client was able to see a 300% increase in investment enquiries.

We carried out our ongoing monthly seo services for CEFM to gain these results

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78.49% increase in sessions

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83.05% Increase in number of users

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10.37% Increase in page views

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4.82% Decrease in bounce rate

Organic Search Results

Within 3 months of carrying out SEO, the clients site was ranking first and second, out of 764,000 results for a lucrative search term.

  • Increased Brand Awareness
  • Search Term Dominance
  • Effective & Quality SEO

Keyword Ranking

Client saw their website jump in the rankings from not ranking at all, straight on to page one, position 6 for a competitive keyword phrase that generates over 1000 searches a month. This was done through our effective and quality SEO strategy.

  • Client ranking for over 20 high traffic volume keywords
  • Improved rankings increased traffic 229%
  • Authority building generating ranking improvements & lead generation