Client Case Studies

Mark Lauren Case Study

screenshot of Mark lauren website

Mark Lauren is a former trainer of US Special Forces operatives and was revolutionary in developing and improving the US army’s training regimes. Mark is now an international best seller in fitness and training, and the creator of the You Are Your Own Gym fitness programme, and a leading figure in Bodyweight training.

Mark came to us in April 2018 looking for us to spend 6 months on developing and improving his web presence in the US and in Europe, and brand awareness through social media interaction. We built Mark a brand new website that enabled him to promote and sell his monthly online training program and carried out our monthly seo services on this website to increase rankings and traffic.

BMG Scooters, based in city of London, are the UK’s leading supplier of Piaggio scooters, as well as a leading retailer of Vespa, Moto Guzzi, Suzuki and other motorbike manufactures.

We carried out a local SEO campaign to increase their brand awareness within the London metropolitan area. When we started carrying out local SEO for BMG, they had a small website and no rankings at all.  Within a short period of time, we not only got them ranking within London for major search terms, but we also got them dominating the Google Map Pack for a wide selection of terms too, for their three main shops.

We have also carried outremarketing campaigns for BMG, which has played a significant part in increasing sales.

BMG Scooters Case Study

BMG website screenshot

CEFM Case Study

cefm website example

Clarke Energy Fund Management (CEFM)
CEFM are a Managing General Partner who creates and administers Limited Partnerships within the oil and gas industries for investment opportunities. The provide an exclusive niche investment opportunity for Accredited Investors, Venture Capitalists, Institutional Investors, Family Offices and other qualified entities. They came to us in August 2018 looking to have a new and improved web presence. A website was built for them and at the end of September 18 we began carrying out SEO on their site to get it ranking for the clients specific keywords relating to investing in the oil and gas industries.

The purpose of the website was to generate leads, and in the first four months that the site was up and optimised, the client was able to see a 300% increase in investment enquiries.

Prior to April 2019, Heritage Carports did not have a website, and therefore, no presence on the internet, other than a Facebook page. The owner of Heritage Carports, Jadon Martin, approached us with a view to starting a lead generation site, that would enable him to grow his business online through obtaining sales leads through digital marketing. 

We built a basic lead generation website and began to run a sequence of paid advertising through Google Ads, Facebook advertising, and Remarketing. In the first month we generated a total of 37 leads, potential buyers who were specifically looking for carports or metal garages.  In month 2, this increased to 53 leads, an increase of 43.34%. This increase continues to go up month on month at an average of 43%. On top of that, Heritage has seen an increase of phone call enquiries by 158% month on month for the first 3 months.

Heritage Carports

heritage carports website