About Us

NTA Digital is an agency that specialises in digital marketing and online brand awareness/building . Our clients have ranged from local retailers within the motor vehicle, landscape gardening and catering industries, to contractors, financial consultants, property realtors and developers, data systems companies and health and fitness.

We use our 20 plus years of marketing and business building knowledge expertise to successfully promote and build our clients’ online presence to help them achieve their business objectives

Our Mission

To be a leading provider of quality digital marketing for small to medium sized businesses around the world, through transparent, open, and honest communication.

Our Vision

Through our digital marketing offerings, we want to help our clients not only surpass their main competition online, but compete with the bigger companies for a greater target audience share.

Our Values


We believe in building long-term relationships with our clients and that can only be done through trust. Trust is one of the elements of a successful relationship and as it is more effective to keep existing clients than to find new ones all the time, we make sure our clients can completely trust us in building their online brand.


We don’t believe in providing clients with what they want to hear, but what they need to hear to be successful. You will be told honest time frames for the work to be done and expectations of results, not false promises to try and look good, but honesty that provides assurance.


Everything we do is always above board and without compromise. We don’t carry out digital work that may damage your website, or worse, your reputation. Everything we do is always inline with Google’s code of ethics and requirements. Plus we will never work with your competition all the time you are a client.


The work we carry out, is to the highest quality standard.  You don’t want work that knocks or damages your brand, but rather that builds it up and obtains the best results possible. Every piece of work carried out or produced, is reviewed and checked to ensure it is of the highest standard, for your success.

Nathan Tarrant

Founder & CEO

Nathan has been working within digital marketing since 2008, and was also head of digital for one of the UK’s largest multi award winning specialist agencies. But he is not simply someone who knows how to do digital marketing to a high standard. Nathan has been involved in business growth and brand building for over 20 years. He has been on the management team of numerous companies that have won multiple awards and has been listed on The Sunday Times Virgin Atlantic Fast Track 100 league table, which ranks Britain’s 100 top private companies. 


Matt Hoffman

Head of Sales & Development

Matt has over 20 years experience working within business acquisition, growth and strategy. He quickly understands what our clients are looking for and is able to help our clients gain more business online with high ROI strategies.