beware of people calling themselves seo experts

Beware of People Calling Themselves SEO Experts

This is a short post, and slightly different from the posts I tend to write, which are geared towards helping people understand digital marketing better. But I thought it was important to give a gentle reminder to people looking for SEO services, that not all ‘SEO Experts’ are equal.

Not All SEO Experts Are Equal

While on a business forum the other day my attention was grabbed by a particular post concerning SEO. The title said ‘I am an SEO expert but I need help understanding on page SEO’ My initial reaction was “what a great attention grabbing title. I wonder what the hook is?” I clicked on the link and was a little miffed by what I went on to read.

The title was not a hook, the young man was asking for help because by his own admission he did not know nor understand what the basic parameters of on page SEO are.

On page SEO is one of the simplest and basic fundamentals any decent SEO individual should know yet despite the fact he had absolutely no idea what to do, by his own words, he was an ‘SEO Expert’.

I Must Be An Expert in Everything!

It seems to becoming more and more of a case that people who learn to place a link on one website that points to another site feel that instantly makes them an expert in SEO. If we took this approach to everything then I am a world class chef, because I can cook more than 5 meals. I’m a fully qualified car mechanic because I can change a spark plug and do a standard oil change .I’m a professional footballer because I once walked on the grass at Wembley and to top it off I’m a qualified Doctor because I once gave my six year old daughter some medicine that took her cough away.

As someone who has been marketing online since 1998, not only am I fully aware of the speed in which SEO and internet marketing changes, but I’m also conscious of the lack of awareness and understanding business owners in general have of what it actually is, let alone how it works. And as a result of this, we are seeing a rise of so called ‘experts’ who make claims and promises they not only can’t keep, but they also don’t know how to carry them out.

A Common Myth About SEO

Before I go on, let me clear up one common myth about SEO. Business owners think that being on page one for their name or brand is all that matters. Although that may generate kudos down the pub on a Friday night, or make you look good at your next networking event, unless being on page one increases your revenue  you have wasted your money paying someone to do your SEO to get you there.  

Your website, if set up correctly can be your greatest sales generator. It can generate more leads than a fully operational telemarketing team. It can inform more people of what you do than any public presentation and it can generate more sales and be more cost effective than any sales team.

Paying The Cheap Price For SEO – Is it worth it?

In fact your website could be the driving force behind your business growth and expansion. If you have that mind set about your website, why would you want to employ someone to ‘increase its rankings’ when they don’t know what they are doing? You also have those SEO companies that charge extremely low prices and they charge you what seems like a good cheap price, for the privilege of doing nothing to help your site.

SEO companies who offer a ‘one service fits all’ approach to online marketing really only have one approach to ranking a website. The point is that approach may not be suitable for your market place.

The cheapest option is not always the best option. Imagine you owned a Bugatti Veyron, would you take it to a local back alley car mechanic if it needed repairing or to a Veyron specialist?

My point to you is this. How seriously you take this point relates to how you view your website. You will either see it as one of those things you need to have because your competitors are on line, and then you will treat it like such, or you will see it as the cash cow it can be. Either way you are leaving money on the table with it, by either using ‘SEO experts’ who don’t know what they are doing, or so spending next to nothing to take care of it, which won’t build up its trust and authority within the eyes of Google. 

Rant over!

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