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We have been providing SEO services since 1998, when the search engines were Excite, Lycos and AltaVista. A lot has changed since then, with Google now the primary source for all our online searches. But it is not just the search engines that have changed; the way in which we search for information and businesses online continues to evolve on a regular basis. The way that Google structures the search results continue to develop too, and so it is essential that companies keep abreast and up to date with their search engine optimisation if they want to ensure continued success within the search results.

Because search engines now emphasise things like local SEO and mobile results for geo-specific searches, quality SEO cannot take a ‘one size fits all’ approach. The work carried out on a website that operates on a national or even international scale, cant’ have the same level and type of SEO that a local plumbing service needs, and vice versa.

At NTA Digital we provided tailored services to fit your niche and locational requirements. From general SEO services to local SEO, one-off work to in-house consultancy, all optimisation requirements are covered by us.

Why Consider NTA For Your SEO Work?

We don’t work off of our experience, sure we have a lot of it, but SEO is a results business. We can only measure our success on the results we generate, and the only way to measure our results effectively is through the improvement of your rankings and the increase in quality traffic to your site that ultimately sees your site generate a higher ROI than before.
We do not guarantee first place rankings or ‘Google domination’ as some agencies like to do, because that can’t be guaranteed. But what we do guarantee is that everything we do is of the highest quality of work that it meets with Google’s standards, ensuring natural and ethical work is done to your site, making it stand out above your competition within the rankings.

What We Offer As An SEO Agency

Not all search engine optimisation is the same. There are many factors that need to be considered, such as; whether you are a local business or operate on a national or international scale; the competitive nature of the keywords you wish to rank for; what SEO you and your competitors have had in the past; Your budget. We have divided our SEO offering up into 4 main categories, depending on what it is you want to achieve. Click on the relevant one to learn more.

Local SEO

If you’re a local business of any type, be it on the high street, or serving your community, then local SEO is what you want. With more than 85% of people searching online now for local businesses, compared to other methods, you want to ensure your business is found when potential customers are searching online.

Monthly SEO

Our monthly SEO service is best suited for businesses who are looking to either dominate their market on a wider scale than locally, or for keyword search terms that are more competitive than local search terms. Whether you want to improve your national or international traffic and rankings, then this is the service for you.

SEO Consultancy

We offer an SEO consultancy service to businesses who may actually want to do SEO themselves, but need a guided hand to help them organise it effectively. We have also worked with digital agencies who have never offered SEO before but want start, and so we have consulted with them to set up their new department.

Other Digital Marketing Services

While there are search engines there will always be a requirement for quality SEO. If done properly, which it will be with us, search engine optimisation will generate more traffic / visitors to your site. Once we have generated that increase in traffic to your site, it is up to you to have a website that is engaging and generates interaction. But what about those people who don’t interact with you on the first visit and they leave your site? Statistics claim that less than 10% of visitors to your site will take positive action on the first visit, be it filling out a contact form, signing up to a newsletter, or buying from you there and then. So the question is, what should you do concerning the other 90% that haven’t made a decision straight away and leave your site and potentially go to one of your competitors, to ‘shop around’?

You should look to re-market to them once they have left your site, to remind them of what you offer, and to entice them back to your site over your competition. Remarketing and Facebook advertising are two of the best, and most under-utilised, methods of reaching out to website visitors once they have left your site. You will want to seriously consider adding at least one of these services to your SEO campaign, to maximise your profit increase potential. Speak to us about either re-marketing or Facebook advertising, to get a better understanding of the effects it can have for your online marketing efforts.

Facebook Advertising

There are over 2 billion monthly active Facebook users, 1.45 billion daily active users of which 70% log on daily, and the average time spent on Facebook is 50 minutes EVERY SINGLE DAY. So it is safe to say there is a lot of potential business available to you through quality Facebook Advertising, enabling you to re-market to your website visitors.


People who see retargeted ads are 70% more likely to convert on your website. Sometimes it takes more than one impression to drive a sale. Remarketing with retargeted ads are essential for moving those potential customers from undecided to making a positive decision once they have first left your site.

YouTube Marketing

Video marketing is a massively under utilised part of digital marketing. Cisco has projected that more than 80% of all Internet traffic will be video by 2021. So our question to you is, are you utilising the power of video with your marketing? Even if you are a small business, video enables you to compete with everyone.

What To Expect From Our Agency

We Are Your Partners

We don’t see ourselves as a simple SEO service supplier, but an extension to your business. Your success online is our success, and so we view ourselves as your SEO department. Therefore,we will never work with any of your competitors while working with you. In fact we guarantee we will never work with your competitors even if we stop working with you at any time.

Monthly Reports

We will send you simple monthly reports to show you how things are progressing, whether it be with your website traffic and your rankings within Google, or your if you take any additional services such as facebook advertising or youtube marketing, we provide in depth reports on those results too. In addition, we will also inform you of any industry changes that may effect your business online.

No Long Term Contracts

Because all aspects of digital marketing is a results business, not just SEO, we do not believe in long term contracts. We feel that providing you with the best quality service available will be enough for us to remain in partnership with you. After all, If we are not getting the best results for your monthly spend, why continue to hire us?

We Don’t Outsource

There are some SEO agencies who outsource their work / business to companies overseas to keep their costs down. We do not do that! All work is carried out and managed in-house by us in to ensure quality. That way you know you are getting a full & proper service that is fully managed and monitored.

Quality Work

Because everything is done in-house by our team, the service we will provide is of the best quality. Also we do not offer clients cheap services. If you want quality long term results that grow your business, then you will expect a quality service to work on your SEO and digital marketing, and quality costs.

Research & Development

To ensure we continue to provide the quality of work we do for businesses, we are constantly testing, researching and developing SEO strategies. We spend over 40 hours a month carrying out tests to ensure marketing success & we stay on top of our industry to help benefit your company online.

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