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What Digital Marketing Strategy Is Best?

Operating and running a business on a day to day basis can be challenging enough without adding the fact you have competitors trying to beat you to the market, looking to gain the advantage. Marketing has always been fierce competition. Before the internet, those who had the most significant budgets and spent the most always seemed to win. But now, the field has been levelled. With digital marketing, money does play a part, but today it’s not so much about who spends the most wins, but who spends the most effectively, wins.

Marketing experts have said that marketing is everything you do to promote your business. Therefore digital marketing is everything you do to promote your business online. That can be through search engine optimization, paid advertising, social media marketing, email marketing, video, and a whole lot more.

There are digital marketing agencies that cover every aspect of digital marketing available, that will provide you with every possible service. But we like to specialize in just a few. According to various sources, including Brightedge, a leader in real-time measurement of digital content engagement across all digital channels, the clear leader in generating traffic to a website, is organic search. 51% of all traffic to a website on average comes from SEO, with paid search generating 10% and social media generating 5%.


We Are An SEO Agency First

graph showing the percentages of traffic to a website via different digital mediums

So when it comes to providing digital marketing services, we are an SEO agency first. But that does not mean we ignore all the other digital marketing strategies. There are certain strategies that complement SEO, to drive traffic to your website, and we incorporate them in our digital offering to you.

You can checkout what other digital marketing services we provide, and how they complement search engine optimization, below. 

Why not also check to see how well your website is optimized for high performance within the search results, by filling out the form, and submitting your information. You will get your results back within a few minutes, and you will be able to see how well your site is performing, along with what areas you need to improve on. 

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Our Digital Marketing Services

There are four areas of digital marketing we provide for our clients, SEO being the first. With the other three working in conjunction with a well planned and activated search engine optimization plan.We currently do not offer additional digital marketing services as stand alone offerings, but incorporate them in with SEO.

SEO Services

Our full range of SEO services covers every requirement needed. From monthly services, local SEO, technical audits, consultancy and even international optimization. Whatever your SEO need, for your business and your website, we can provide it for you.

Web Design & Build

If you are in need of a new website, whether it is a refresh and new design, or simply a reconstruction of your existing website, we ensure the best in onsite optimization so that your website performs well in the search results. All our work is carried out on WordPress.

Paid Advertising

Paid advertising covers the likes of advertising in Google and Bing through AdWords. Along with Facebook advertising, and one of the most under-utilized forms of paid advertising, re-marketing.Which is the method of marketing to traffic after they have left your site.

Google My Business

We get your Google My Business profile to work in tandem with your website. Most businesses do not optimize their GMB listing very well, and miss out on the opportunity of appearing in the map results, as ell as the organic listings. We change all that.

Why You Should Consider Us As Your Search Engine Optimization Agency

Digital marketing, especially search engine optimization, is about results. The results you want are not how many people saw your marketing campaign, or how many times your website showed up in the search result (impressions) but how many people visited your website (traffic) and how many engaged with your website (inquiries/sales). As your agency we are only interested in increasing your return on investment (ROI) so that your digital marketing is not an expense, but an investment. And the best way to do that, is to increase your rankings with the search results, drive more high quality traffic to your site, that gets your phone ringing, and your inbox receiving more inquiries. 

What We Have Achieved For Our Clients

Below are some of the results we have gained for our clients over the past 12 months. Results differ depending on the niche and the competitive nature of the niche we are marketing to. 

0 +
Phone call leads in six month period
Increase in Website Traffic
73% increase in traffic for Realtor during the first 3 months of Covid-19 lock down, compared to the previous 3 months.
0 %
Increase in traffic in 6 months - up from 5,000 to 11500 a month
Increase in Sales in 4 months
We increased clients sales by 30%, achieving a 5x ROI within 4 months, without increasing acquisition costs



We don’t see ourselves as a simple SEO agency, but an extension to your business. Your success online is our success, and so we view ourselves as your search engine optimization department.


We will send you monthly reports to show you how each campaign and activity is progressing and the results obtained. In addition, we will speak to you as often as you like, daily if you want


Because everything is done in-house by our team, we do not outsource work to other agencies overseas to keep our cost down, the service we will provide is of the best quality


We do not believe in having our clients tied in to long term contracts. Results matter, and if we are not getting you the results, why keep using us?


Our aim is to see you increase your revenue, through your website getting more quality traffic and better quality inquiries. SEO should be an investment, not a cost.

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